About Picaroon

Rebecca Gischel
Founder and Interaction Artist
Sebastian Walter
Founder and 3D Designer
Marius Bungart
Johannes Holzmair

About Picarøøn

Our Service

Picaroon aims to fill the niche for interactive installations both as artistic projects and as unique creations to deliver brand messages.

We bridge the gap between technology, design and art to inspire and engage individuals in a customised, interactive environment. The technology at the core of each installation utilises a range of components, including motion trackers, infrared sensors, projectors and touch-sensitive devices to create a truly memorable and unforgettable user experience.

Each piece is exclusive and takes advantage of the team’s multidisciplinary design and engineering background. Installations to date have been included in conferences, exhibitions and museums in order to promote customised engagement through human cooperation and creative exchange.

The Picaroon team is based in Edinburgh, UK and would welcome the opportunity to discuss a project.

About Picarøøn

Picaroon is a young startup dedicated to deliver immersive, interactive experiences that promote individual engagement in a commercial, educational or event-based environment.

We believe that a message can be conveyed with a stronger impact if individuals are not regarded as outside observers, but invited and inspired to participate. As part of an engagement marketing campaign in a commercial setting, this creates a lasting impression amongst the audience as brand message and brand awareness are promoted on a personalised level. On conferences or trade-fairs, Picaroon connects people with events and brands, but most of all, other people. Our projects are designed to strengthen interpersonal bonds by encouraging human interaction and cooperation. There is an intrinsic curiosity within everyone to discover the unfamiliar and we want to invite people to participate and through this participation create a lasting connection.

The technology to make this happen is developed by Picaroon’s tech team in Edinburgh. The core elements made from Arduino and Raspberry Pi operate all sorts of components and technical equipment to breathe life into a carefully crafted design work. Each installation is planned and built to meet a high artistic standard and is created to be intuitive and inspirational. We use a wide range of materials in our workshop and utilise CNC cutting and 3D printing to engineer custom parts as we often find that any installation is as unique as the purpose it is being made for.

Supported by

Arts Trust Scotland
with their art funding to support "artists of considerable talent to develop their skill, ideas and potential."

ideasTap Britain
with a design fund to support ongoing ptojects of emerging artists.

Edinburgh Napier University
with an Inventor's Scholarship

Past Exhibitions

AURORA light art festival 2015 in Dallas (USA)
(Global Sounds)

Ars Electronica Festival 2013 in Linz (AT)
(Global Sounds)

London Printshow 2014 in London (UK)
(Tangible Orchestra)

Glasgow Science Centre 2014 in Glasagow (UK)
(Tangible Orchestra)

Royal Mile Edinburgh 2014 in Edinburgh (UK)
(Tangible Orchestra)

Degree Show Napier University 2013 in Edinburgh (UK)
(Global Sounds)

Grassmarket Edinburgh 2013 in Edinburgh (UK)
(Global Sounds)

Stuttgart Town Square 2012 in Stuttgart (DE)

Munich Town Square 2012 in Munich (DE)

Zurich Town Square 2012 in Zurich (CH)