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Sebastian is an entrepreneur and innovator who's passionate about theories and concepts behind given mechanics. He is also keen on experimenting with new technologies, such as 3D Printing, and puts them into a different context.

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Tangible Orchestra and why we believe in Experience Marketing

By Sebastian Walter Welcome to the Picaroon blog! Picaroon creates interactive experiences. We will be using this blog to discuss concepts and ideas, new piece of technology or announcements. The world is full of possibilities and stumble upon new things every week, but we would like to start off with a detail that all our work revolves around: Intrinsic reward.

Picaroon is founded to build immersive pieces that make people wonder and allow participants to be drawn in, to be presented with an unfamiliar setting where choices are given that may seem inconsequential from a rational point of view. The reward is the action itself: People are invited to join and are inherently engaged with the piece. This engagement is the sole motivation for continued exploring. This is why experience marketing is going to play a big role in the future as pointed out by Forbes columnist Krisztina Holly. This seemingly logical concept is far from inevitable, many forms of marketing reward the user by a different thing that lies outside of the marketing effort – thus being extrinsic.

A good example for extrinsic reward are the ads we watch before the actual movie when we go to the cinema, or the youtube clip we can only skip to after so many seconds of advertisement. A strange thing to think about, but the viewer is coerced into a piece of advertisement and only after we wade through the brand message are we rewarded with the thing we came for in the first place. We think we can do better.

People are amazing. We have seen countless times that people are naturally curious, interested and want to be inspired. People want to share, to discuss and to promote the things they find intriguing. We just have to let them. Feel free to join us on our journey, beginning in August, we will be displaying our work in the biggest museums in Scotland.

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