Selected Articles



- 2014/2015 -

Video interview at the AURORA festival about Global Sounds (23.10.2015)
A video of AURORA 2015, including Picaroon's Global Sounds (06.11.2015)
Aurora 2015: 13 must-see moments at transformative Dallas Arts District experience (14.10.2015)
Picaroon will be part of the AURORA 2015 in Dallas (27.09.2015)
Where music and art meet 3D printing: Tangible Orchestra (29.07.2015)
3D Print Show (29.09.2014)
Picaroon and The Tangible Orchestra. Sound and space. (28.08.2014)
Picaroon’s 3DPrintShow Art Nomination. (29.08.2014)
Picaroon and The Tangible Orchestra. Sound and space. (28.08.2014)
Interactive Art Intrigues and Perplexes Passersby (06.07.2014)
An Interactive 3D Orchestra Is Everything You Wished Dance Dance Revolution Was and More (29.07.2014)
Picaroon is excited to announce that we are nominated for the Global Award "Artist of the Year"(17.08.2014)
TANGIBLE ORCHESTRA – Eure Stimme zählt(19.08.2014)
Picaroon gave an interview for O2 Business at the 3D Printshow London. (07.09.2014)
Tangible Orchestra: What Happens When 3D Printing Meets Live Art and Music? (09.05.2014)
Tangible Orchestra – Walking through the music (03.06.2014)
Tangible Orchestra will be exhibited from the 9th - 29th of August at the Glasgow Science Centre.
Picaroon: Interaktive Kunst aus dem 3D-Drucker (21.05.2014)
Article and interview about Picaroon and the Tangible Orchestra at Edinburgh's Interactive Design Institute (10.05.2014)
A Tangible Orchestra one can walk through and play with others 23.05.2014)
Tangible Orchestra, A Proximity Sensing Music Installation (21.05.2014)
Article by Digitalarti: Tangible Orchestra, light and sound playground (14.05.2014)
Direct link to video interview shot at IDI headquarters (10.05.2014)
An Article about Tangible Orchestra by Protein (08.05.2014)
“Tangible Orchestra”- Μια ορχήστρα από μουσικούς Κυλίνδρους - Μουσική εγκατάσταση από τους Picaroon (20.05.2014)

- 2013 -

Picarøøn presented their project Global Sounds at Ars Electronica Festival 2013 in Linz (AT). In the Ars Electronica Blog, the artist Rebecca Gischel has written about their inspiration, projects and ideas behind them. (12.08.2013)
An interview of Picaroon of the Art Magazine Pheripheral ARTeries in their December Issue (17.12.2013)
FRUKT writes about the Art of Sound and presents 5 innovative music installations, including Voice Array, an installation of the internationally known artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, as well as Picarøøn's installation Global Sounds. (07.05.2013)
Arduino, manufacturer of the electronic boards Picarøøn uses for their installations, presents Global Sounds on their Blog. (29.05.2013)
Protein is an inspiration platform that keeps up-to-date on the latest global trends, behaviours and thinking. In May 2013 they showcased Global Sounds. (May 2013)
The German magazin about interaction design, conception and development, WEAVE, introduced Picarøøn's project Global Sounds. (30.04.2013)
Concept Cupboard writes about writes about their favorite art installations. (13.08.2013)
When exhibited the first time in Edinburgh, Global Sounds was spotted by the Edinburgh Reporter. (24.04.2013)